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Commercial Landscaping Roseville

Whether you are looking to install a few shady trees for your parking lot or renovate the grounds on your corporate campus, you need quality work by reliable landscaping professionals. The right landscaper can dramatically improve the aesthetics and value of your Roseville commercial property, where the wrong landscaper can leave you with dead plants and a faulty sprinkler system. Our staff of 15+ landscaping professionals is fully equipped for even the toughest landscaping challenges. We are experienced with commercial landscaping work and low maintenance plants that thrive in the Roseville area. For the commercial landscaping Roseville deserves, call Scenic View Landscaping today for a free Commercial Landscaping estimate.

Roseville Commercial Landscape Services

At Scenic View Landscape, we’re committed to providing the best landscaping service in the Roseville area. We work closely with our clients to achieve the best possible results. Our goal is to turn your commercial landscaping into a scenic view.

Our Customer Service Promise

  • Meet with clients to understand their landscape needs.
  • Offer landscaping advice and recommendations.
  • Draft multiple bids with project total and individual line items.
  • Tailor the project scope to match our clients’ goals and budgets.
  • Provide the best Commercial Landscaping in Roseville
Landscaping Customer
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Our Commercial Landscaping Roseville Includes

  • Laying sod and other grasses
  • Planting ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Installing and planting flower beds
  • Recontouring and grading outside surfaces
  • Building water features
  • Seeding
  • Mulch/Bark installation
  • Specialized customer requests

Visualize the end result of our landscaping services, please visit our gallery of recently completed projects. For more landscape design ideas, please visit our hardscape gallery.

Integration of Service and Technology

Scenic View Landscape utilizes technology to ensure professionalism and integrity, as well as streamline project timelines. Each crew has an iPad onsite that enables:

Ipad Technology
  • Job site time stamps — clients are billed for the exact work minutes, not an estimated timeframe.
  • GPS tracking — ensures crews arrive on time.
  • Real-time client communication — to avoid work stoppages, photos are emailed directly to clients when questions arise.

Ecology of Roseville, CA

The city of Roseville has a Mediterranean climate characterized by dry, hot summers and wet, cold winters. The wet season typically begins in October and ends in April. Average daily high temperatures range from 54°F (in January) to 95°F (in July). Average daily low temperatures range from 39°F (in January) to 61°F (in July). Roseville does not have any major bodies of water, but it does have several streams including Dry Creek, Cirby Creek, Linda Creek, and Secret Ravine.

Roseville is ideal for a wide variety of flowers including false shamrock, hybrid tea rose, easter broom, spanish lavender, crocosmia, yellow woodsorrel, red yucca, autumn sage, mexican cardinal flower, hummingbird sage, and much more. Palm, oak, and cypress trees are particularly well-suited to this environment.

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