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Weed Control

Scenic View Landscape is focused on weed prevention at every stage of our lawn care program. Weeds struggle to grow in a healthy lawn, which is why we offer a comprehensive lawn care program designed around the philosophy of health and prevention. Our goal is to cultivate a healthy, dense lawn with a strong root system. We also apply pre-emergent and selective weed control products to treat problems before they spread. Contact us today to get started.

Weed Control and Prevention Program

The best way to achieve a weed-free lawn in through proper lawn care. A healthy lawn with a strong root system will naturally be preventative against weed growth. Lawns with strong root systems choke out weeds and impede their growth. Unfortunately, even the healthiest lawn can be subject to some weed growth. When necessary, Scenic View Landscape uses pre-emergent and selective weed control that effectively kills weeds without damaging existing grass.

Common over the counter weed control products can yield undesired effects by killing everything in its path, including the turf. The result of these chemicals is often unsightly patches of brown grass throughout the lawn. Our herbicides are safe for grass and tough on weeds. We use herbicides that target the most common lawn weeds including clovers, ground ivy, wild violets, crabgrass, and dandelions. Our products begin to work within 24 hours, and eliminate weeds within 7-10 days.

We Treat Common Weeds in Sacramento

crab grass
What is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass is an Annual Grass that sprouts in late spring and grows all summer long. Because it is an Annual Grass, it dies in the cold weather. Unfortunately, its seeds remain in the soil and reemerge in spring. Crabgrass thrives in areas with direct sunlight and moist dirt patches. It is important to have a healthy lawn with a strong root system to prevent crabgrass growth.

Crabgrass Treatment
We apply a pre-emergent treatment in spring to eliminate crabgrass before it sprouts. A healthy lawn treated with a pre-emergent will likely make it through the long crabgrass season unaffected. However, in the event that crabgrass does emerge, Scenic View Landscape offers crabgrass weed control to treat existing growth.

What are Broadleaf Weeds?

Broadleaf weeds include a range of plants such as spurge, clover, dandelion, oxalis, buckhorn plantain, and plantain. Broadleaf weeds are common in all lawns and grow year round. Like crabgrass, the best way to deter weed growth is to maintain a healthy, dense lawn with a strong root system.

Broadleaf Weed Treatment
Scenic View Landscape treats broadleaf weeds with a pre-emergents and selective herbicides.

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