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Tree and Shrub Service

Healthy trees and shrubs add beauty, shade, and value to your property. Like your lawn, your trees and shrubs require proper care and maintenance to grow strong and live long. Scenic View Landscape provides a comprehensive tree and shrub care program designed to support mature growth and health of your plants all year around. We use a blend of insecticides, fungicides, and miticides to protect against insects, fungus, and mite infestations. Enhance the beauty of your yard with our tree and shrub care services.

Tree and Shrub Care Services

treesPesky insects such as aphids, beetles, fire ants, and spider mites can attack and damage untreated trees and shrubs very quickly. Insect attacks can cause severe stress, which can make the tree vulnerable to harsh conditions such as drought and extreme heat. Proper fertilization and protection will help trees and shrubs remain strong and healthy year around. For more information about adding tree and shrub care services to your landscaping schedule, contact us today.

Insecticide, Miticide, and Fungicide Applications

Our tree and shrub care plan is designed to maintain the health of your plants all year around. Plants exposed to insect and bug attacks have difficulty fighting off disease and drought. We apply four strategic applications of our insecticide, miticide, and fungicide blends to ensure the highest level of pest protection. Our tree and shrub control services include treatment against Bagworms, Leaf Beetles, Japanese Beetles, Aphids, Spider Mites, Sawfly, Apple Scab, Blight, and more.

Spring Application
During the spring, we apply a mixture of insecticides, miticides, and fungicides designed specifically for your landscape. This application will help protect your plants during the growing and blooming stage of the year.

Early Summer Health Application
During the early summer months, our technicians apply a mixture of products to continue to ward off unwanted pests, as well as to address new emerging pests such as bagworms and insects.

Late Summer Application
Our late summer application is designed to target mature, leaf-eating beetles that emerge during the summer. We also apply a blend of products to continue to protect against insects and other pests.

Fall Application
The fall application is a mixture of products designed to prepare your landscape for the winter months. As winter approaches, we treat for common pests and prepare for the colder weather.

Tree and Shrub Care Special Applications

Dormant Oil Application
Dormant Oil treatment coats trees and shrubs with a specially formulated oil that prevents insect eggs from being able to hatch in the early spring. The oil also eliminates mature insects and mites by suffocating them or penetrating the outside cuticle and destroying internal cells.

Deep Root Injection Fertilization
Using a special tool, we inject fertilizer deep into your tree and shrub root systems. The application helps your plants grow healthier and stronger the following season.

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