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Lawn Fertilization

Our comprehensive lawn fertilization program is professionally designed to keep your lawn dark green all season long. Our fertilizer blend is formulated to deliver your lawn the optimal balance of nutrients it needs from spring to fall. You can have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood! Contact us today for more information about our lawn fertilization services.

Spring Lawn Fertilization Schedule

SpringEarly Spring Application
The focus of early spring lawn care is to revitalize your grass to its beautiful lush green condition before summer. We apply the first application during the first spring mow. Our blend of slow release, high nitrogen granular fertilizer delivers all the important nutrients for winter recovery.

Mid-Spring Application
In mid-spring, our focus shifts to weed and crabgrass prevention. Prevention is critical: as weeds grow, they establish themselves in your lawn’s root system, making them more difficult to remove. Our goal is to tackle weed growth with a pre-emergent application before it fully matures. We also continue to apply a slow release fertilizer blend to help strengthen the root system, which also helps to fight off weeds.

Late Spring Application
During the last spring, we continue to focus on weed prevention. We also recommend incorporating grub control in your lawn care program. We continue application of our slow release fertilizer blend until the end of spring. With this regime, your lawn should be lush, healthy, and green when summer begins.

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Summer Lawn Fertilization Schedule

canstockphoto2254705Early Summer Application
At the beginning of summer, your lawn should be dark green and healthy. We continue to maintain the lawn’s beauty with our summer blend fertilizer. Our summer blend is designed to protect your lawn from disease and brown spots. We recommend continued treatment for weed and grub control at this time.

Mid to Late Summer Application
During the hottest and driest months of the year, we recommend continued application of our summer blend fertilizer. Providing the lawn with proper nutrients and moisture during the hot summer months is necessary to keep the lawn healthy. We also suggest continuing weed control and insect control to keep your plants strong.

Summer Recommended Add-on Services

Fall Lawn Fertilization Schedule

fall leavesEarly Fall Application
As the fall sets in, it’s time to prepare your lawn for the winter. Our early fall application includes a granular fertilizer blend that delivers a steady food source to your lawn. During this time, we highly recommend aeration and overseeding to prepare your lawn for the winter.

Late Fall Application
Time to get ready for the winter. Your last application of the year will include our winter fertilizer blend high in potassium. High potassium fertilizers help protect grass leaves from drying out and cracking during the cold months. With the winter just around the corner, weed and grub control are not likely needed.

Recommended Fall Add-on Services

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