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Aeration and Overseeding

It takes more than regular watering and mowing to maintain a picture perfect lawn. Lawns require annual aeration and overseeding to remove thatch, reduce soil compaction, and improve the turf’s overall health. Aeration and overseeding are vital steps toward achieving the beautiful, lush lawn you desire. Contact our office today to schedule your lawn aeration and overseeding service. Our lawn aeration Sacramento area technicians are available for fast, expert lawn service.

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What is Lawn Aeration?
Aeration is the process of systematically removing small plugs of soil from the lawn and redepositing them on the surface of the grass. Aeration is necessary when heavy thatch and soil compaction block the roots from the nutrients and water necessary for healthy growth. An aerator removes plugs about every four to five inches, which creates breathable space for the lawn to soak up water, nutrients, and oxygen.

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Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?
Reason #1: Thatch:
Over time, lawns develop a thick thatch layer composed of dead roots, grass stems, rhizomes, lawn clippings, and debris. This thick layer can block the root system from receiving the necessary nutrients and water it needs to thrive. A thick thatch layer will prevent the roots from properly attaching to the soil. Thatch can also make the lawn more susceptible to pests like grubs and insects. Aeration removes the thatch layer so your lawn can grow.

Reason #2: Soil Compaction:
As people walk and play on the lawn, the soil compacts, making it more difficult for oxygen, water, and other nutrients to reach the roots. Aeration is a strategy to remove soil compaction and allow air to flow back down into the roots.

What is Overseeding?
Overseeding is the process of adding a new layer of seeds to your lawn. After 2-3 years of growth, your lawn will slow its rate of reproduction, which will lead to thin, unhealthy looking grass. Adding new seeds every year will help your lawn keep its youth. And, since young grass is stronger and more resistant to disease, adding new seeds is an important preventative strategy to help maintain a healthy lawn.

When Should I Use Overseeding?
It is best to apply overseeding after aeration. This allows the seeds to fall into the dirt holes, which will support the germination process by giving seeds direct access to the soil. The seeds also attached to the plug, which provides deeper nutrients and support for the lawn.

Hint From Our Experts: For best results, schedule your lawn aeration and overseeding services at the same time. Overseeding on a freshly aerated lawn will allow the seeds to fall into the small holes created during the aeration process. Direct contact with the soil will allow the seeds to germinate much easier than they would on top of grass.

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