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Scenic View Landscaping is a full service commercial landscaping firm serving the entire greater Sacramento region. We specialize in commercial landscape services. From root to leaf, our certified technicians are experienced to manage all of your commercial landscaping needs. Our goal is to create beautiful landscaping that improves your company image and increases your property value. We offer comprehensive maintenance plans including pest control, water management, fertilization, and landscape installation. Contact our knowledgeable staff today to setup your free, onsite consultation.

Water Management and Landscape Irrigation Services

Commercial Water Management
Scenic View Landscape’s experienced technicians know that planning and proper installation are absolutely crucial for effective irrigation. Our crew will fully analyze your water usage, and make irrigation recommendations to help conserve water and reduce your watering expense. We help you maintain the healthiest lawn possible while finding solutions to meet your budget.

Fertilization and Pest Control

Watering is only the first step to a green lawn. A beautiful, full bodied landscape requires regular fertilization and pest control. Without proper maintenance, your landscaping investment can wilt away. We offer comprehensive fertilization and pest control services to keep your investment healthy and beautiful all year around.

Commercial Landscape Installation

Commercial Landscape Flower BedsA lush, green lawn is just the first step to exquisite commercial landscape displays. Seasonal updates to your flower beds, maintenance and installation of your bark, and proper aeration and seeding help create a property that is visually appealing to the public. Your landscaping is an investment in your company’s image—that’s why we work with you to create a maintenance plan that will ensure your property is visually appealing year around.

Commercial Hardscapes

Smooth walkways, textured concrete, and retaining walls with strategic lighting do more than just accentuate your commercial building. Hardscape elements such as these enhance the overall professionalism of your building, which will in turn add value to your property. At Scenic View Landscape, we consider hardscape a form of craftsmanship. Our experienced team is skilled in pouring plain, stamped, and colored concrete as well as laying brick, flagstone, and many other materials.

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