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Add Color to Your Yard: Plants that Grow in Winter Once fall is over, the beautiful colored leaves of red, orange, and yellow all fall to the ground and disappear in the rain or snow of winter. Sad, I know! Don’t let the drab, dull colors of winter get you down though. There are actually many plants that grow in winter and you can get your fix of color until spring! Plants that Grow in Winter Snowdrop The snowdrop plant is a perfect example of a flower that thrives in the cold of winter, and even looks a little like snow. It blossoms its bright white petals in late winter, but … Continue reading

Where to See Christmas Lights in Sacramento 2015 The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to get in the spirit than to go see Christmas light displays with your family and friends? We found the perfect places to see Christmas lights in Sacramento, and while you might not get a chance to see them all, check out this list to help guide you on your Christmas lights quest. Here's Where to See Christmas Lights in Sacramento 2015 Light Events Old Sacramento Old Sacramento is a fun place to visit any time of the year, but during the holidays you can enjoy all the fun shops, amazing places … Continue reading

Fall Lawn Care Tips With fall comes a welcome respite from the mowing, trimming, weeding, and watering that burden homeowners all spring and summer. But before you put up the yard tools, take some time to get your lawn ready for winter. This is a checklist of the things you need to do so your lawn will come back lush and green in the spring. Mow it short. Set your lawnmower blade on the lowest setting to get as much light and air as possible to the grass roots. But remember not to take off more than 1/3 of the grass length with each … Continue reading

10 Spookiest Halloween Lawn Decoration Ideas Are you looking for fun ways to decorate your lawn this year for Halloween? Since yards are our specialty here at Scenic View Landscape we put together this list of our favorite spooky lawn decorations for Halloween! Check out all these fun ideas for how to decorate your yard on Halloween. Pumpkin Tipsy Pots Pumpkin totems are a fun way to spice up your yard, plus they leave a lot of room for your own expression! You can change the look by choosing different sizes of pumpkins or using paint. Let your imagination run wild. Click Here to learn how to make your own! Human … Continue reading

Can Xeriscaping Improve My Home’s Value? After the fourth year of a record-breaking drought, Californians are acutely aware of the importance of water conservation. Grass is notoriously water-guzzling, and many Sacramento residents have simply stopped watering their lawns altogether in support of statewide water restrictions. Although most Californians are aware of the water crisis, it is still difficult to watch a once lush, green yard turn brown and dead. This is especially true for homeowners and investors concerned about the curb appeal of their property. But there is hope: an increasingly popular method of landscaping called xeriscaping is sweeping California and improving the aesthetics of landscaping in a water conscious way. Xeriscaping is a … Continue reading

Five Drought Tolerant Plants Better than Grass With record high drought conditions across California, it is becoming increasingly important for all Californians to cut down on unnecessary water use. One of the easiest ways for California homeowners to reduce water usage is to stop watering their lawns. Lawns guzzle tons of water every day. Some estimates show that a square foot of lawn drinks 44 gallons of water a year. Multiply that by the square footage of your lawn and you can see just how much water it takes to maintain a green lawn. The thought of a dead, brown lawn isn't exactly encouraging California homeowners to stop watering, so some landscapers are … Continue reading

Keep Your House and Yard Safe on the 4th of July

The Fourth of July is the day when we celebrate the anniversary of the United States’ independence from Britain. Because this is one of the key points in American history, it only makes sense that we celebrate it with one of the biggest parties of the year. Continue reading

4th of July Recipes

Want to push the envelope of your usual 4th of July BBQ? With these dishes and desserts below, that is now quite possible! We’ve assembled some of our favorite 4th of July treats, for your dining enjoyment! Happy Fourth of July! Continue reading

Roseville Cash For Grass Rebate Program

The Cash for Grass program offers Roseville residents a cash rebate for up to $1,000 to replace their existing lawns with drought resistant landscaping. The first wave of the program was so successful that funding has been depleted, but the City will be continuing the program on July 1, 2015. Continue reading

Water Restrictions in Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado Counties

It’s easy to take water for granted when it comes out of your tap. You can forget where it comes from and that it is not an entirely renewable resource. Drought is a very serious reality of modern living in California and anyone who uses water has a responsibility to do their part for water conservation Continue reading

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